PPO Siechnice sp. Z o.o. ( PPO Siechnice Ltd.) is one of the biggest producers of greenhouse vegetables in Poland.

We have been operating in the market since 1980 and continuously put all efforts to make the brand of our tomatoes and cucumbers always mean natural and healthy products to the customers. The whole production system is based on the high-tech technology controlled by the computer system. Our rich experience supported by the high-tech technology allows producing top quality, healthy vegetables. Production protection is based on the integrated biological protection system and the tomato blossoms are pollinated in natural method – through bumblebees.

HACCP and GLOBALGAP systems implemented in the company guarantees top quality of our vegetables. We do take care of our tomatoes and cucumbers to meet sophisticated tastes of the customers and for that reason flavour of our vegetables is highly valued and well known not only in Poland, but abroad as well.

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